What is a Green Product?

Below is a list of features or characteristics that can lend to a product’s sustainability.
If you are a manufacturer considering your product’s eligibility for being listed on the database, this will provide you with a guideline.
If you’re a design professional, these points offer a checklist for you to use when specifying green building product.

•    Does the company have a public statement of their sustainable commitment?

•    Is the product manufactured or distributed in your local area or region?

•    Does the product, company or manufacturing process have an environmental third party certification?

•    Does the product offer any measurable benefits or savings?

•    Has the product been designed to avoid the landfill in some way?

•    Does the product content include under-utilized resources or waste materials?

•    Has the product been designed to address any human health concerns?

•    Has a life cycle assessment of the product or energy audit of the facility been conducted?