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Green Product Basics

Why Choose Green Building Products?

The benefits of selecting green building products are far and wide, from reducing our impact on the environment to improving the health and safety of builders and occupants. Green products also show an increased return on investment through energy savings, increased productivity of building occupants, and overall re-sale values in buildings. Not to mention, green buildings are much happier and beautiful indoor environments!

The Power of Green Building Products

It seems we can’t turn on the television or radio or even open a newspaper these days with out hearing about the many global issues facing the world and our own country in particular. Unknowingly, building industry professionals (interior designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, calgary roofing contractors) have been significant contributors to all of these issues. But, there are alternatives!

What We Do

In a world where “green” is now the “it” thing, we recognize the need for a level of scrutiny to determine the accuracy behind green product claims.

The Database

Inside the database you will find green products and materials listed with detailed green information. 1. Product listing includes: Product pictures A description of how the product is green A checklist of the minimum green attributes the product has. Information on where to get the product.

Visual Tools

Recognizing that the amount of information we gather is in-depth, not everyone will want to see every detail. So we have designed a set of visual tools that allow people on the database to see as much or as little as they want. E4 Bar Graph -Consumers and subscribers can view the E4 bar graph, which demonstrates a percentage score of a product’s sustainable performance […]


We now offer one-on-one consulting services for manufacturers and green service providers looking to understand how green they currently are and how to innovate. Gap Analysis: Learn what designers and consumers are looking for when deciding if a company, product and / or manufacturing process is really “green”. Walk away with tools and tailored solutions for implementing green innovations.  


The Scoop on Green-Washing

Government and private sector support for green building products has been tempered by the emergence of a concept referred to as green-washing…

Where a legitimate green product or service exists, green-washing can be understood as the process by which “one is wrongly led to believe that the “green” value system is ubiquitous throughout the entire organization” or a product is made out to be more “green” than it truly is. The definitions above refer to the way green-washing can be intentional. However, green-washing can be unintentionally conceived.

This occurs when an organization or business promotes their activities or products as sustainable with the best of intentions, but due to a lack of awareness or knowledge of green criteria, it ends up being misleading to the public.

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